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About Movex

The founders of Movex bring more than 40 years of installation and design experience in the concrete construction and waterproofing industries. Movex was established to supply total expansion joint and construction joint solutions.

Combining market leaders such as Vexcolt, JPS and its own range, Movex is able to cater to a wide array of projects. Our specialities include but are not limited to:

  • Underground tunnels and structures

  • Bridges, highways and rail networks

  • Condominiums, airports and shopping centres

  • Water treatment and water-retaining facilities

With support from design phase to installation training, from basement to roof, Movex has a solution for your construction projects.

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At Movex we aim to see problems and be part of the solutions. Our mission is to create a brighter future for our families, our communities and our industry through the Movex core values and initiatives. We strive to create honest value and make quality differences to the construction industry by providing efficient & innovative solutions to the dynamic building trends. All the while promoting safer and greener practices. We believe that people build this world and it is our pleasure to help build and support the people.

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Faith in humanity is what drives us at Movex. We envision a world that cares for the quality and sustainability of our great industry. An industry where technology advancement and corporate responsibility, go hand in hand. A world that builds the people up as they build the tallest buildings. An industry of friends and neighbours with one common goal, the goal to build a bigger, better world.

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