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MVX 6000

Contact Voltage Isolation & Membrane

MVX 6000 is a self-adhesive butyl rubber membrane specifically formulated to prevent the transfer of stray electrical current through concrete slabs and walls in both dry and wet conditions. Whilst suitable for a wide range of uses, MVX 6000 helps protect passengers and workers boarding or working on electrified rail systems. It is a vital component in protecting passengers from stray discharge where platform screen doors are installed.


MVX 6000 also helps isolate finishes zones from movements in underlying substrates as it offers high crack-bridging characteristics up to 3mm. The flexibility of the butyl core absorbs these deflections and helps prevent substrate cracking from transferring through to fragile applied finishes.


It is designed to conform to irregular surface profiles. With the use of MVX WB 6000, MVX 6000 offers excellent adhesion over a variety of surfaces.


  • Electrified rail depots, viaducts and bridges

  • Platform screen doors at railway station platforms, walls and columns

  • Power stations, electrical substations, electrical riser rooms and other utilities

  • Location where embedded electrical conduits are installed

  • Electrical isolation of metalwork such as expansion joints, control joints and other conductive materials that pass through electrically isolated areas

  • Petrol chemical plants and holding tank areas

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