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MVX Guard Elasto BitSeal

Water-based Elastomeric Bituminous Membrane

MVX Guard Elasto BitSeal is a one part, eco-friendly, water-based elastomeric bituminous waterproofing membrane for long term protection of exterior surfaces.

It dries to form flexible reinforced black coating that provides excellent adhesion to all immersed areas, water resistance and bridges cracks up to 2mm width.

Ideal for sealing water seepage and any harsh substances on marine ponds, concrete tanks, gutters, basements, etc. Its modified co-polymer also enables high building coating that helps absorb sound and reduce noise.


  • Suitable for exposed and concealed roof

  • Asphalt concrete such as basements, lift pits, wet areas, retaining walls, foundation walls, planter boxes and concrete tanks (non-potable water)

  • Asphalt concrete should never form any integral part of any structure

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