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MVX Guard PU PureSeal

Pure Polyurethane Elastomeric Membrane

MVX Guard PU PureSeal is a single liquid component made from pure polyurethane, which once catalysed forms a continuous highly elastic and wear-resistant membrane, without any joints, overlapping or any integrated mesh needs. Its properties make it an excellent choice for achieving air-tightness and perfect waterproofing on a multitude of surfaces and substrates, offering great stabilitiy and durability.

It is applied manually, using a roller or brush and, exceptionally, using specific spray equipment. MVX Guard PU PureSeal bonds to any surface such as cement, concrete, polyurethane foam, butyl and bituminous sheets wood, polyurethane plastes, metal, etc.

If MVX Guard PU PureSeal is applied on the roof area, the system requires sun radiation protection (UV rays) as it is an aromatic membrane.


  • Roofs, balconies terraces and overhangs

  • Structural concrete slabs, concrete walls and foundations

  • Metal and asbestos roofs

  • Green roofs and walls

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