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MVX Guard Torch

Torch-on Bituminous Waterproofing Membrane

MVX Guard Torch is a preformed torch-on roofing waterproofing membrane for the protection, repair and restoration of all types of roofs, gutters and structures. It is designed for installation as the bottom layer in double-layer roofing system on buildings and constructions, for waterproofing of foundations and engineering structures. It can be used as an underlay for bitumen shingles on pitched roofs and for both new construction or repair works.

Its material is covered by a polymer film with special graphic elements with sand on the top. The material can withstand temperature fluctuations and high mechanical loads which results in a long-term and effective waterproofing. APP Polymer provides additional flow resistance that makes it perfect to be used in a hot climate.


  • For new and retrofitting construction

  • For waterproofing in basements, irregular-shaped roofs, vehicular bridges & viaducts, decks and rooftop gardens

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