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MVX Hydro-PolyGel

Polyurethane Waterproofing Injection Grout

MVX Hydro-PolyGel is designed for injection of joints or repairing leaks in concrete structures. In contact with water, it forms a flexible gasket in crack or joint. Corrosive environments will not affect the performance.


The system is ideal for movement of the substrate in excess of 10%. The resin expands and cures to a resilient, flexible closed-cell foam when in contact with water. MVX Hydro-PolyGel will not be easily washed out in case of high volume water flow. After injection it will react with water and fill voids, cut off active water leaks, seal potential water leaks and stablise coarse materials.


MVX Hydro-PolyGel is designed to withstand wet-dry cycles and thermal movements. It cures to form a hydrophilic flexible foam.


  • For sealing of water ingress between concrete tunnel segment joints

  • Screen injections behind tunnel segments

  • For sealing moving, leaking cracks

  • For waterproofing man and non-man accessible sewer pipes

  • For sealing of expansion joints

  • Used as a 1-component system for wet, non-structural cracks

  • Used as a 2-component system with a 1:1 ratio water for sealing dry, moving and non-structural cracks

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