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MVX RGT-1 ProTube

Injection Hose

MVX RGT-1 ProTube is robust, tested and made of specially composed artificial material for easy workability and safe functionality. It acts as transport line for the grouting material which is injected after the concrete works.


In regular intervals, the injection hose is equipped with outlets showing in all directions and giving best injection quality.


Depending on the material properties, the wall thickness of the hose is selected so that the micro outlets open at 1 bar and the injection material gets into the area of the construction part to be injected.


The result is a sure and permanent sealing of the construction joint. The micro-outlets safely prevent slurries and foreign matters from penetrating the injection hose.


After the injection process has been finished, the micro-outlets close again by relaxation of the coating which had been compressed during the injection work.


The maximum hose length is 15m between each junction box.


  • For construction joints

  • Recommended for lean and reinforced concrete surfaces

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