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MVX SwellPro

Hydrophilic Sealing Bar for Construction Joints

MVX SwellPro is a specially formulated hydrophilic sealing bar based on butyl rubber for preventive sealing of construction joints. It is designed to form to the contours of rough surfaces so that once the second casting of concrete is poured, a continued gasket seal is achieved in both horizontal and vertical construction joints.


MVX SwellPro controls expansion in both potable and concrete water achieving a hydrostatic head pressure resistance of 6 bar. SwellPro’s special formulation allows it to achieve consistent expansion and hydrostatic resistance in multiple wet and dry cycles giving it long term water stopping capabilities.


Due to the specially formulated compounding of SwellPro, it does not pre-expand when exposed to the wet condition of a project. For easy on-site handling, MVX SwellPro has a special non-stick coating.


It is based on high quality butyl rubber that retains its shape after 3 wet and dry cycles. It has a good resistance to a wide range of chemicals. Final confirmation about compatibility under specific conditions can be obtained from our technical department.


  • Suitable for preventive sealing of construction joints in concrete and reinforced concrete construction against non-pressing and pressing ground water up to 6 bar

  • Vertical and horizontal applications except expansion joints

  • For basements, water tanks, water retaining structures, swimming pools, king post and pipe penetrations

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