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MVX SwellPro FTP

Self-expanding for Sealing Concrete Formwork Space

MVX SwellPro FTP is meant for pressure resistant and watertight sealing of hollow formwork spacers and 100% waterproof to 6 bar. It is easy to install in one single movement in one second and no finishing or after-treatment is required.


It consists of an impact proof and pressure resistant core and a water swellable soft sealing. It guarantees a pressure resistant and waterproof sealing of hollow spacers made of PVC, fibre cement or steel. Our water swellable products are developed based on the unique Active Sealing Technology.


Our products expand on contact with water. This is how they create an active seal to combat moisture infiltration. Our products are self-correcting and thus also sealing the unevenness and imperfections of the concrete.


  • For installation on tie-rod holes in concrete after formwork removal

  • Suitable for PVC, fibre cement and steel spacers

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