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MVX WB 6000

Single Component Water-based Hybrid Adhesive Membrane

MVX WB 6000 is a single component, water-based hybrid adhesive for bonding of Specialty Membranes and Protection Sheets to concrete, masonry and other substrates. It is easy to use and suited for all general to heavy duty bonding applications. It can be used in new or repair / renovation projects in all waterproofing, roofing and preventive maintenance works.

The cured membrane adhesive is tacky, flexible and adheres strongly to all clean, prepared surfaces. MVX WB 6000 has relatively long open time in exposed environments making it easy for application.

It can be used on vertical and horizontal surfaces both as a primer and adhesive. Its high viscosity allows for single thick applications to be made with no drips and minimal slump.

It can also be used with a separate fibre glass reinforcement mesh for added strength, toughness and dimensional stability especially in large surface area applications.

MVX WB 6000 has high tolerance to most light industrial solvents when fully cured.


  • Suitable for applications on concrete, asphaltic and most other surfaces

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