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Singapore Sports Hub,


The National Stadium Singapore is a multi-functional sports stadium. The Stadium replaced the old ‘National Stadium’ which was closed in 2007 and was eventually demolished in 2010. The Stadium accommodates 55,000 spectators. The Stadium has a roof construction with one of the world’s largest retractable domes and configurable seating. The stadium was specially designed for football, rugby, cricket and athletics events. The lower sections of the stadium can be mechanically configurable, which allows the stadium to organize concerts and other entertainment at any time.


Construction work on the stadium started in 2010. In 2011, the foundation of the stadium was completed, and construction began on the steel mill of the stadium with fixed roof. In 2013, the installation of the last steel runway truss of the stadium for the roof was completed. This marked the completion of the fixed roof of the National Stadium in preparation for the installation of the retractable roof. The National Stadium of Singapore officially opened its doors in June 2014.

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