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TransAtec Series

Mechanical expansion joints for podiums, parking decks, elevated roadways & other structures subject to vehicle loads



(1) Concrete slab
(2) High strength (>40N/mm2) levelling bed (by others)
(3) 1.14mm thick waterproofing membrane epoxy bonded to the concrete slab and cross-linked to the membrane bonded to the faces of the expansion joint
(4) Continuous aluminium frame
(5) Continuous aluminium interlinking central aluminium frames
(6) Central seal
(7) Stainless steel surface
(8) M8 x 75mm galvanise dipped, carbon steel, self-tapping concrete screws (or similar approved).
(9) Secondary waterproofing bonded to frame and cross-bonded to the waterproofing membrane beneath the frame
(10) Finishes


Download our Technical Data Sheet for this product.

TransAtec 1100-A01:

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